For HBO subscribers, January will include the start of the second season of Lena Dunham's Girls, and judging by the latest trailer, there's still plenty of tension, awkward humor ahead and bathtub moments ahead for the series.

In just a matter of weeks, Girls will return for Season 2 and based on the trailer below, Hannah has a hard time telling if guys are "attractive in a loserly way" or they're just "losers." This is actually probably a pretty common affliction for girls who have a thing for slacker-types, I'm thinking.

Hannah's still trying to figure it out, Jessa's not exactly in marital bliss and Marnie can't stand to see Charlie around all the time. Also, Jessa has really gross bathtub behavior. And I still don't get the whole taking-baths-together thing, as I don't know any girl who does that, but it makes for some interesting Girls moments. In this case, it's Jessa snotting into her hand. I'm guessing Hannah's glad she wasn't eating a cupcake when this happened.

We also got a glimpse of Chris O'Dowd, who plays Jessa's husband, and Andrew Rannells, who's doubling up on his TV shows this year, with a starring role in NBC's The New Normal tacked on to his appearances in the HBO comedy as Hannah's ex and now-roommate.

Girls returns for Season 2 January 13 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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