"It's about fucking time."

Saying that Girls had a big night last night would be a bit of an understatement. Not only did the highly touted and even more discussed series from Lena Dunham return for its second season but the HBO comedy also racked up a few major awards at the Golden Globes. If you thought the series was under scrutiny (or sometimes seemingly just downright disdain) before, now that it won Best Actress in a Television Series, Comedy or Musical and Best Television Series, Comedy or Musical from the second most prestigious TV award show audiences will surely be looking at each installment through an even more critical microscope. No matter. Dunham and her Girls can take it as well as back it up with the material. You know, talking the talk and walking the walk. Even if it means strutting, or barely being able to move, in uncomfortable high heels. The long wait for the start of the second season of HBO's Golden Globe winning Girls is finally over, "It's About Time"...

"I'm sorry I have a boner, it's not for you."

Going into any new season, it's nice to get a quick refresher and for those that didn't prepare by re-watching last year's finale, well, there was that nice previously on segment. But seriously, one of the great things about "It's About Time" was the introductory sequence which quickly cut to catch up with almost all our main characters and where they are in their lives. The first scene with Hannah and Elijah was not only a fun and funny way to kick off Season 2 but also quickly reminded the forgetful about their new roommate situation and how that was going as well as immediately raising questions about how Marnie is doing now that she's out and Elijah's in but first, there was a nice albeit fleeting moment with Shoshanna cleansing her spirit and, uh, vowing to ruin Ray's life. I love the matching red 'Keep Calm' poster on her wall, a nice touch that sums up a lot about the loveable energizer bunny character. Oh, so how's Marnie doing? The beautiful, smart and sure to land on her feet girl gets fired in her first appearance so, yeah, not so good. One quibble, couldn't Marnie sue her boss for downsizing her instead of the dummy who ruined the lesser print on the basis of the former having boned the latter?

"I talk to my friends way worse than this."

That's not really important, what is important for Marnie is the growth that's sure to come from the experience of getting canned. I mean, who hasn't been fired at some point and, just like her former employer said, she is a beautiful (oh my) and intelligent young woman who's bound to success. If she can grow the fuck up. Being anal (even though she assumes she wouldn't like it) is not the same as being a grown up. In fact, a sign of maturity (so I'm told) is someone's ability to pick their battles, compromise and recognize when your way isn't necessarily working. Of course, it's easy to see where the blinding quest for perfection comes from after meeting her mother for lunch (played note perfect by Rita Wilson) and witnessing their overbearing banter. Never the life of the party, Marnie finds herself in awkward-town stuck conversing and talking about conversing with Charlie (and briefly his new thing) but that's nothing compared to the awkward that occurs at the end of the episode's best scene between her and Elijah. While it might, in an odd way, bring the two of them closer, despite the biting last remarks, it will surely drive a spike between Marnie and Hannah before the season is out. Speaking of driving spikes, how about her climbing into bed with Charlie? I sure that will stay innocent.

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