Glee's ratings aren't what they once were, with its U.S. viewers falling to around half of what the series was bringing in at the height of the musical dramedy's popularity, but the series continues on and is set to resume its fourth season later this month. While nothing is official for Season 5 just yet, word is that Fox is planning to start negotiations soon.

Among the news to come out of the TCA press tour this week is word that Glee may get an early renewal for its fifth season. Fox chairman Kevin Reilly told The Hollywood Reporter that they're starting negotiations. "We're going to negotiate now for the fifth season and beyond, so we're talking about those things now." THR also says that Reilly said there's a "real possibility" that the renewal could come ahead of the upfronts in May.

Glee is already split between two major locations, with part of the focus of Season 4 on Rachel and Kurt's New York adventures at NYADA, and the remaining students (and graduates who still hang around) at WMHS. I'll admit, I've been impressed by the way the show has managed to bounce between the two sides of the story as it has. But as THR notes, Blaine, Brittany and Artie and others are set to graduate, which means even more non-high school students in this high school-set show. Will some/all of these characters exit the series or move to recurring as we've seen with some of the current graduates (Puck, Quinn, Santana). Or will the writers find a way for them to linger around high school? Or else, send them to New York?

From the comments Reilly made, it doesn't sound like he's discussed that with Ryan Murphy just yet, but at the very least - though nothing is set in stone as negotiations haven't even started - it sounds like Glee's chances for a fifth season are good.

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