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Glee's Michael Jackson Tribute Episode Song List Leaked

Among the things Glee fans have to look forward to is the Michael Jackson tribute episode, which is set to air in January. The list of songs set to be featured in the episode has been leaked. See which songs will be featured and who's singing what ahead! (Major spoilers!)

For those Glee fans who are eager to see how the cast handles some of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits, the tribute episode is probably high on their list of things to look forward to when the series returns next month. I’m personally more interested in Glee’s take on Grease!, which has been hinted at in these photos, but it’ll definitely be interesting to see how Glee tackles Jackson. posted the leaked list of songs, which includes who will be singing them. Santana and Sebastian singing “Smooth Criminal”? That could be interesting...

Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ – Blaine?- Bad – New Directions & Warblers?- I Just Can’t Stop Loving You – Finn & Rachel?- Smooth Criminal – Santana & Sebastian?- Never Can Say Goodbye – Quinn?- In The Closet – Brittany & Santana?- We Are The World – New Directions & Warblers- Black And White – Puck?- Ghost / Monster – New Directions?- Beat It / Billy Jean – Warblers?- The Way You Make Me Feel – Kurt?- Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough – Artie

Glee returns with new episodes on Tuesday, January 17th. The Michael Jackson episode is set to air on January 24, 2012..

Check out the full 2012 premiere schedule here.

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