The Good Wife Cast Gets Goofy In New Thicky Trick Video

The Good Wife has been heavy on the drama this season, creating a storyline that has made enemies of friends and has forced some of the main characters to make personal and difficult decisions. When Cary and Alicia left Lockhart Gardner to form Florrick & Agos, they earned the ire of an entire firm. It hasn’t always been fun or comfortable to watch, but it has been compelling. Luckily, it looks like the cast hasn’t been taking itself too seriously. Just check out their fun-loving dance moves in this brand new video.

The video is taken from Sunday’s episode of The Good Wife, during which Matthew Lillard popped up as a musician suing over a copyright issue. His goofy cover of a local rapper’s song, “Thicky Trick,” appears in the video above, and the cast members all seem very excited about dancing to the tune. Lillard and the goofiness of the music video was actually a pretty nice comedic relief to an otherwise dramatic episode. Alicia, Cary and Will were at each other’s throats in court again this week, and seeing them dance to that over-the-top pop song is an amusing juxtaposition to the courtroom drama.

I particularly like the sequence in which Christine comes out of the woodworks to dance with the Glee-esque cast to the stolen version of “Thicky Trick.” She must have randomly been backstage, as it looks like she still has curlers in her hair. The courtroom sequences are also really enjoyable, considering a ton of typically reserved and dignified lawyers are totally out of character and dancing around like fools. Guest star F. Murray Abraham may have been sick of the track by the end of the episode, but it looks like everyone else found the song to be an excellent addition to the show.

Music is actually going to play a pretty big role on The Good Wife next week, as well. During the upcoming episode of CBS’ hit drama, a ton of new music from Bruce Springsteen’s latest album is set to be premiered during the episode. This includes two new songs, ““High Hopes” and “Hunter of Invisible Game.” It also includes a brand new version of the classic track “The Ghost of Tom Joad. The songs will pop up in the January 12 episode of the drama. Springsteen’s latest album, also called High Hopes, will hit shelves on January 14.

The Good Wife is typically able to pull in top notch talent, so none of this really comes as a surprise. While music is not often a key component of the series, the show has found reasons to incorporate random musical moments in the past. The most specific example of this is probably Matthew Ashbaugh’s music box, although Peter’s new ethics counselor also played some classical music for her unborn child earlier this season. If you want to check out the drama—and the music—you can catch CBS’ The Good Wife when it airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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