The Goodwin Games Pilot Is Available For Free Online

Fox’s The Goodwin Games was picked up on May 14 last year, but isn’t actually going to air on the network until May 20 of this year. Potential fans have waited a really long time to catch T.J. Miller, Becki Newton, and Scott Foley in action, but if you have been intrigued about Fox’s comedy series, you can catch the pilot for free online, now.

The Goodwin Games opens with a scene following a young woman and an older guy as they finish recording a set of tapes. As the young woman jokes to “Mr. Goodwin” about how he expected to die before they finished, the audience learns that the man has, in fact, died, leaving behind a fortune. Thus we are introduced to the main premise of the series, which follows three heir apparent siblings who must learn to work together to compete against some random dude for the money their father left following his death. The three now adult children are not close, but they are all united in the fact that they grew up in a competitive environment and have the skill sets to win the game, although they may have to access some past memories and address some past feelings to get ahead.

The pilot can be viewed right now via Fox’s site or via Hulu (opens in new tab). There are plenty of commercials within the pilot on Fox’s site, but if you can make it through the commercials and the first few minutes, Miller, especially, proves to be funny and the competition-aspect of the series should ensure wacky shenanigans each week.

If you’d rather wait and catch the pilot on a bigger screen than your computer, The Goodwin Games will officially premiere on Fox on Monday, May 20 at 8:30 p.m. ET. Shorter previews are also available.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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