When someone mentions Seinfeld, several things happen at once inside the mind. Funky bass riffs start bouncing around the cranium, with Kramer’s rapid apartment entrances serving as percussion, and then a flipbook of female faces passes by of all the failed relationships that Jerry has had throughout the show’s nine seasons. And if you’re me, it’s all capped off with Jerry saying the line, “He’s my butler.”

With Seinfeld hitting Hulu recently as part of a giant deal, fans are no longer tethered to catching the show’s (admittedly endless) repeats on TV, and can watch whatever episode they want, whenever they want. And we thought it would be fun to test everyone’s memory of the series by offering up an image of one of Jerry’s many girlfriends and getting you guys to guess the reason why it never worked out between them. No points awarded if your answer is “because it never works out with Jerry.” Let’s kick things off with an easy one.

”seinfeld” Name: Sidra (Teri Hatcher)

Season: 4

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