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Sometimes it’s incredibly easy to understand why a small screen outlet would decide to adapt a particular movie, especially if that movie is a part of an expansive franchise with endless opportunities to branch out further. Other times, though, we spin around in confusion-fueled circles trying to grasp what went into the oddball decisions. Case in point: streaming service Crackle has revealed they’ve ordered up Snatch, a TV drama based on Guy Ritchie’s 2000 film of the same name.

D’ya like dags? Yeah? What about remakes that don’t really have anything to do with the source material? That’s basically what’s happening with this new iteration of Snatch, and the announcement makes a comparison to FX’s Fargo is explaining Snatch will be infused with the spirit of the original film while telling a new story with new characters. The plot will be inspired by an actual London heist and will center on a group of young hustlers who find themselves the new keepers of a truck full of stolen gold bullion. This obviously gets them in way over their heads within the danger-filled British underworld, where they’ll have to go head-on with gypsies, crooked police, brawlers, mobsters and other colorful characters. Maybe these guys were mucking about in the backgrounds of shots when Turkish was getting shit done, right?

Beyond that plot synopsis, as well as news that Snatch is getting a 10-episode first season, not much was said about the new project. It’s unclear what creative minds will be behind the writing and directing, and there’s also no sign of whether Guy Ritchie will be involved in a producing capacity or not. Even though he’s currently worlds away from his quirky crime roots, it seems like he’d have to get a word in somewhere, considering this movie was so integral in turning Ritchie into a favored filmmaker among fans – plus, he served as an EP on the TV version of Lock, Stick and Two Smoking Barrels.

A movie that oozed self-aware coolness but still managed to be a great time, Snatch likely won’t see any of its main cast members popping by the remake for a cameo. The flick came out literally seconds before Jason Statham became an action movie stalwart, and Lennie James is now a Walking Dead mainstay. Plus, I can’t see Brad Pitt or Benicio Del Toro getting involved. (R.I.P. Dennis Farina.) Perhaps Vinnie Jones or Alan Ford can be used in similarly menacing ways. Now relive the endless line of spoutable quotes in the compilation below.

While Crackle is perhaps best known as a place where Jerry Seinfeld’s fans can catch up with the comedian with or without caffeine, the service is devoted to expanding its original programming, which includes past shows like the courtroom thriller Sequestered and the contract killer actioner Cleaners. Sports Jeopardy! and the Dead Rising TV movie were Crackle’s two previous projects with built-in audiences, but Snatch is rather different from those and it’s hard to say how successful it’ll be. It’s all goody gumdrops to us.

No telling when Snatch will get a premiere on Crackle, but we hope it’s worth its weight in gold and diamonds when that happens.

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