HBO Go's Game Of Thrones Interactive Viewing Experience Available For iPad

Second screen apps and interactive features seem to be a growing trend for DVDs. HBO’s taking that to the next level by allowing viewers to use the HBO Go app to enhance the viewing experience for Game of Thrones. Added content through the app isn’t entirely new, though viewers will now be able to access the interactive elements from their iPads.

Game of Thrones returns this Sunday night for Season 2. Subscribers with access to or the HBO Go app in their iPad will be able to enjoy added features that play along with the episode. The “interactive viewing experience,” will be available on Sunday night for the premiere, but I’m thinking it might be more enjoyable to watch during a second run-through of the episode. Using the feature while watching the episode the first time through seems like it would be like listening to an audio-commentary for a movie you’ve never seen before.

Here’s the list of content set to be included in the alert feed:

· Cast/crew commentaries with David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, George R.R. Martin, and more· Behind the scenes interviews with the cast and crew· Descriptions of new characters as they come into a scene· Info alerts providing back stories on specific scenes and character relationships· Detailed set photos and concept art from the series design team· Quotes from series that can be shared through social media· A map with key locations pinpointed· A guide to Game of Thrones houses

iPad users will be able to get social with the app, posting status updates on Facebook and Twitter while watching.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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