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I like to think of HBO Go as the Netflix of HBO. Bursting with content, the streaming video feature certainly helps justify the monthly subscription fee for HBO, especially when factoring in the already-pricy cost of cable these days. HBO continues to expand on its availability, not only with regards to the cable/satellite using HBO subscribers who can access it, but also with regards to the compatible devices. Today's good news is that Kindle Fire users will now be able to access HBO go from their tablets.

HBO sent word today that, as of today, Kindle Fire users should be able to use HBO go through their device. Of course, you have to be an HBO subscriber in order to access this feature, and that's subject to availability based on your cable subscriber. (You can download the app at Amazon here.) And because HBO knows how to put together a nice little piece of promotional content when it comes to spreading good news, here's the video the pay-cable network released today.

"Get ready to play with fire." Ha!

While this is certainly good news for those Kindle Fire users out there, I'm still waiting and hoping that HBO Go will become compatible through TiVo. As much as I love HBO Go's iPad app, I'd love to be able to access HBO Go through my DVR just as I do Netflix, especially considering I had to give up HBO's On Demand feature in order to use TiVo Premiere with Time Warner's cable card. I inquired about this issue with TiVo with the DVR service via Twitter just last month, asking them what the word was on accessing HBO Go through TiVo. Here's their response:

So, unfortunately it doesn't look like it's happening anytime soon, but hopefully something is in the works. In the meantime, it's good to hear that HBO is continuing to make this valuable service more accessible to their subscribers.

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