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Syfy’s Haven was scheduled to tackle some pretty tough subject matter during last Friday’s episode, which would have dealt with violence within a school system. Then, the Season 3 finale was set to air this week, but since Haven is a serialized show and Syfy didn’t want to pull a Firefly and air the episodes out of order, the Season 3 finale was cut this week, as well. Before fans begin their grumbling, however, I would like to point out the network has a plan to bring both of these episodes to fans, albeit a little late.

Due to the timing of last Friday’s episode, which would have aired the same day news of the Connecticut shooting broke, the network postponed the episode, cancelling last week’s airing out of respect for the victims, their families, and those who were keeping vigils or watching the news. At the time, the network had to balance potentially irritating fans and sensibly responding to the tragedy, and Syfy made a tough call.

Earlier today, the network announced it would be airing the final two episodes of Haven in Season 3. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until well after the holidays to access those episodes. Now, the two episodes will air back-to-back on January 17, beginning at 8 p.m. ET and running until 10 p.m. ET. I know it sucks to have to wait that long, but in reality, at least we’ll still get to see the episodes pan out in the proper order. There are truly worse things that could have happened.

Just in case you need those numbers again, Syfy’s Haven will finish out its season on January 17, 2013.