Summer at Fox has become Gordon Ramsay territory. In addition to the tenth season of cooking competition series Hell’s Kitchen this summer, the culinary celebrity also has Season 3 of Masterchef, and the premiere of Hotel Hell. (More information and premiere dates on those here.) Fox’s latest announcement indicates that Ramsay’s status at the network isn’t changing anytime soon.

Fox announced today that Hell’s Kitchen has been renewed for two more seasons, beyond the one set to air this summer. This will take the show through its twelfth season on the network.

All of these series are actually different, though they each feature Ramsay in some role or another. Hell’s Kitchen has people from various culinary backgrounds set up in teams of two and made to compete against one another in cooking related challenges, including attempting to make it through dinner service for actual diners. Masterchef has aspiring chefs working individually on various cooking challenges in an attempt to earn and keep their apron and eventually win the title of Masterchef. Kitchen Nightmares has Ramsay visiting struggling restaurants, diagnosing their problems, and attempting to help them fix them. And coming soon is Hotel Hell, which sounds like an lodging-version of Kitchen Nightmares as Ramsay will visit struggling inns and B&B’s.

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