Red Band Society has yet to premiere on Fox, but the network is already trying to cultivate a particular vibe for the drama. This week, the channel announced that former teen star Mandy Moore has been signed on to Red Band Society in a major guest role. She’ll feature in the series for multiple episodes, as part of one of the show’s adult arcs.

If you’ve caught the trailer for Red Band Society, you already know that the series follows a group of teens living in the pediatric unit of a hospital in Los Angeles. They form bonds and friends while living in the hospital. While the teens are the focus, Red Band Society will also feature some adults, played by the likes of Octavia Spencer, Dave Annable and now, Mandy Moore. Moore is set to play Chief of Staff Erin Grace, a woman who also happens to be engaged to hot Doc McAndrew (Annable).

Executive producer Rita Mimoun recently told THR that the writers are focusing on adult storylines along with the stuff geared towards teens, adding more traditional soap elements to the new series.
"We're branching out to tell a soap on top of the patients with the hospital staff and we're adding new people. We focus on patients, but we're building out the adult storylines so we're following their stories as well."

More than a decade ago, Mandy Moore was a double threat. She starred in movies like A Walk To Remember, Chasing Liberty and Saved!, all while maintaining her image as a pop music icon. She successfully transitioned away from her youthful persona in later years, but has had a tough time finding an acting gig that has stuck. In recent years, she’s had a couple of pilots that failed, and has continued to work through voice gigs on animated shows like Tron: Uprising and Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, a secondary career she embarked on after taking the lead in Disney’s animated hit Tangled in 2010.

With a little luck, the Red Band Society gig will set her up to find a long-term TV role. As for Red Band Society, I’m not sure exactly what to expect. It’s not a family drama or a school-oriented drama. It’s not exactly a drama specifically geared towards a youthful audience and it’s not exactly a soapy series meant to be a guilty pleasure for adults. It is sort-of a hospital drama and sort-of a drama about growing pains. Additionally, it looks like all of the heavy hospitalization stuff is supposed to come in a nice, light-hearted package. From the advertising, it’s hard to tell how Red Band Society is going to play out, but we’ll be able to find out when the show hits Fox’s schedule next week.

Fox’s Red Band Society will premiere on Wednesday, September 17 at 9 p.m. ET.

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