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Showtime’s Homeland had a near-perfect first season, followed by a second season that left much to be desired, thanks to some plot holes and logic missteps. It wasn’t enough to really drop the show’s ratings or even to keep Homeland from getting nominated for most of the major Emmy categories. In fact, the show’s second season only helped to increase buzz for the drama, encouraging Showtime to renew Homeland for a third season. We’re still a little while away from the third season premiere, but Showtime has put together a brand new teaser for the program that, well, tells us absolutely nothing about the new episodes.

Season 3 is set to hit the schedule at the end of September, and though the teaser just gives us some static radio noise and some foreboding-sounding language picked up by some sort of scanner, we do already know a little bit about the upcoming season. Namely, it will pick up right where Season 2 left off, dealing with the aftermath of the terrorist attack. Additionally, Carrie and Saul will be forced to handle their own troubles, both personal and professional, while Brody is missing. We don’t know exactly where the show will go beyond these basic ideas, but Showtime has also signed on a slew of guest stars to give us some hints at what we might see this fall.


Back in May, Homeland confirmed that a slew of guest stars would be joining the series for Season 3. Those names include Nazanin Boniadi, Lawrence Clayton, Tracy Letts, Amy Morton, Joanna Merlin, Pedro Pascal, Sam Underwood and Gary Wilmes. Amongst those names, we have an analyst, a CIA-appointed attorney, a psychiatrist, a friend, a troubled man, an Admiral, and a Committee Chairman. To see who will be playing who, you can check out the list of guest stints we put together just a couple of months ago.

Some shows are better about putting together teasers and trailers than others, but Showtime has not been heavily promoting Homeland’s third season by any means. The series hits the schedule in exactly two months, premiering its first Season 3 episode on Sunday, September 29 at 9 p.m. ET. All we’ve gotten so far is this one short little teaser that doesn’t amp up the drama half as much as some of the clips from last year’s finale did. Over the next couple of months, look for Showtime to roll out something a little more substantial leading up to what should be an explosive premiere.

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