The Hook-Up Dating Show Headed To MTV

MTV is busy putting together plenty of original content in the wake of the cancellation of Buckwild. The newest project the network has picked up should be cheap to produce and at least a little familiar for viewers. Called The Hook-Up, the new show will follow people dating one another.

If that sounds pretty vague, it’s because very few details about The Hook-Up have been released by the network thus far. Honestly, ever since MTV found success with Singled Out, the network has gone through a slew of dating-based programming, including Next, Room Raiders, Dismissed, and Date My Mom. I have no idea how The Hook-Up will manage to differentiate itself from some of the network’s past fodder, or if it will be the same old competition-based dating program. Suffice to say, we shouldn’t be surprised MTV is going down the dating route, once more.

Thanks to Deadline we do know Guy Code’s Andrew Schulz will be hosting the brand new series. The network has given a 20-episode order to the dating series, so fans of the network should be seeing a lot of the new program and should be hearing more about The Hook-Up in the coming weeks.

Other new shows appearing on MTV soon include the Jersey Shore spinoff The Show With Vinny, as well as scripted fodder like Twisted and The Fosters. I’m really rooting for more of the latter than the former, but you can’t blame the network for understanding how cheap reality programming is to produce.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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