The Hour Series 2 To Unveil New Head Of News During Premiere

BBC’s stylish and sometimes cheeky drama, The Hour, which crosses Mad Men’s timeline with The Newsroom’s zest for framing the story, was renewed by BBC—and, by extension BBC America—some time ago. Series 1 of the show ran through the summer of 2011 and all guesses would imply that Series 2 would have aired this past summer. All bets are off with The Hour, apparently, but fans won’t have too much longer to wait.

Series 2 of The Hour is set to premiere in the States on November 28. New episodes will jump ahead from last season to late 1957, and if you followed the first set of episodes, you’ll know that things are awry on the set of the TV program. Actor Peter Capuldi has joined the cast as the brand new Head of News, Randall Brown, which shakes things up at “The Hour,” causing Hector Madden to have second thoughts about his position. Erstwhile, Bel will be busy fighting for her program, and Freddie will be tracking a story involving nuclear power. This year’s trailer only gives a hint of what shenanigans our characters will get into, however.

My biggest beef with the first series is that it was only six episodes. That format seems to be continuing this year, however, so don’t be too bummed if the end comes rather quickly. The good news is, since The Hour is a collaboration between the BBC and BBC America, U.S. audiences won’t be getting the series months and months after it airs overseas.

The Hour premieres Wednesday, November 28 at 9 p.m. ET on BBC America.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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