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Showtime's new series House of Lies just aired its second episode on Sunday night and already showed a vast improvement from the pretty much universally panned pilot. One of the reasons that the show saw such a drastic improvement is that they decided to focus the attention away from Marty Kaan's family problems and onto his Pod at Galweather & Stearn. In fact, the sidekicks, Clyde and Doug, are probably the most enjoyable part of the series so far, so the recently released accompanying web-series called Fridays at Galweather is a nice treat.

The web-series will focus on the two Galweather and Stern lackies on the fifth day of the week, the one day when the Pod isn't out on the road but stuck at the offices of the wealth management firm. It stars Ben Schwartz (Clyde) and Josh Lawson (Doug), but the first episode, "Sexual Harassment," also features Wes Nickerson in a small role. The web series initial show was directed by series regular Glynn Turman (Jeremiah Kaan) and shared by Ben Schwartz himself on Twitter.

Schwartz adds that "We’re thrilled that Showtime let us play around and make these and I can’t wait to release a new one every week... If these get passed around enough, we’re hoping the network will let us do more." Since these shorts are funnier than the actual show, there is a good chance that they will get to do more - as long as the show survives past its first season. The first episode, "Sexual Harassment," was uploaded to Ben Schwartz' Rejected Jokes YouTube page and I guess we should check back in next week for another. Seriously, it's funnier than the show. The first has Clyde and Doug hauled in to HR for a sexual harrassment discussion that kind of goes off the rails. Take a look.

Fridays at Galweather is a web series from Ben Schwartz, Josh Lawson and Wes Nickerson based off of the hit Showtime show House of Lies. Management Consultants typically spend four days a week on the road. This is the story of what happens on the fifth day.