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How Bionic Are You?

The Bionic Woman is back! Awesome! I loved the original and I’m super excited that NBC has decided to revive the old series with a modern twist and hot new stars. In anticipation of the new series NBC has created a website where web’ers and fans can go and test their bionic abilities.

When you enter the website you are Jaime Sommers (or someone else who has just been in a terrible car accident) and doctors are explaining to you that you have been in an accident and had to have a good portion of your body replaced with certain things in a series of surgeries. To help the doctors gain better knowledge of the success of the surgeries you must complete test called Bionic Aptitude test ( BAT). And you better watch out, because if you don’t do well they tend to consider termination…

The test measures aptitude in five areas. The first being bionic pace detection. This is where a stream of footprints roll across the screen and as they pass a certain point marked by a line you must hit your left or right arrow key as the corresponding foot print as it crosses the line. If you have played guitar hero you won’t have any problems with this one.

The second is aural evaluation where keys on your keyboard correspond with sounds played on the website. First the computer plays a series of sounds as it flashes the keys that it corresponds with and then you repeat it. This one was the hardest for me, so I had to cheat.

The third test is rapid image monitor. The test begins with a series of photos shown one after the other after you have viewed the photos you get asked a series of questions. I did the best on this one ( studying visual arts for a time paid off) but you really have to pay attention to the tiniest details.

As for the fourth test, visual/tactile mapping, I hated it! Whoever thought this one up must want me to be bald because I was literally pulling my hair out. The test begins with a fake keyboard on the screen where they have put the letters in different places than usual. Then a word pops up and you must spell the word using the placement of the letters on the screen but using our key board. It was tough. When you are looking for “J” and its where “A” usually is and “A” where “I” usually is, spelling cat becomes difficult

The fifth and final test is computational analysis. This test is a series of basic math problems (addition and subtraction) flashed on the screen and you have to type in the answers as quickly as possible. If you are quick at putting numbers together, you won’t have any problem.

Those who accumulate an average score of 75% bionic or better will gain top-level clearance to view exclusive content including unseen footage from the upcoming season of NBC’s Bionic Woman.

Taking the test is pretty cool if you have time to kill but, it is not easy. It took me two hours to accumulate an average over 75% so I could check out the exclusive content that they promised. I was extremely disappointed. I can honestly say that I wasted a good portion of my time and temperament just to get a glimpse of a secret elevator descending into and underground government layer. I thought that was kind of lame.

So, visit the website if you have time to kill by going to and take the Bionic Assessment Test ( BAT), but do not kill yourself trying to gain access to the exclusive footage. It just wasn’t worth it.

Bionic Woman premieres Wednesday, September 26th at 9/8c