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Have you watched Criminal Minds for more than a decade? Do you feel like you know a lot about the lives of Hotch, Garcia, Reid, JJ, Rossi and Morgan? Have you stuck with the series as cast members have changed and moved on? If the answer is yes, this quiz may be the one for you. Just test your knowledge, below!

Now, if you missed any questions, feel free to flip through to get all the answers!
question 1
Which Unsub Killed Hotch's Wife?
Answer: George Foyet
question 2
What Illness Does Spencer Reid's Mother Have?
Answer: Schizophrenia
question 3
Why Did Derek Morgan Decide To Leave The BAU?
Answer: He wanted to spend time with his family.
question 4
Who Is Samantha Malcolm?
Answer: An unsub who dresses victims like dolls.
question 5
Who Is JJ Married To?
question 6
Which Famous Actress Did Not Play A Brief Love Interest For Spencer Reid?
Answer: Michelle Trachtenberg Also accepted: Aubrey Plaza, who went on a date with Spencer, but it was technically a setup, so we'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
question 7
How Many Time Has Rossi Been Married And Divorced?
Answer: 3
question 8
What Does The BAU Stand For?
Answer: Behavioral Analysis Unit
question 9
Where Does Reid Have Degrees From?
Answer: Caltech and MIT
question 10
What Job Did Emily Prentiss Take When She Left The BAU?
Answer: London Interpol Office

Criminal Minds: Why The Major Cast Members Left

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