How Will Forte's Attempt To Prank Kenan Thompson Went Hilariously Wrong

Will Forte is gearing up to headline the brand new Fox comedy The Last Man on Earth. To promote the new comedy, he popped up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week. During his time on the show, however, he told Kimmel and the audience a great story about how he and Kristen Schaal ended up getting into high jinks in Kenan Thompson’s dressing room.

Back in 2012, the NBC sitcom 30 Rock decided to do a live episode. A live episode needs a stage, and since Saturday Night Live was on hiatus that week, the late night sketch series offered the comedy the use of its facilities. If you remember the episode, both Will Forte and Kristen Schaal were scheduled as guest stars and they spent part of the rehearsal hanging out in Kenan Thompson’s dressing room.

We decided we were going to take a couple of pictures and send them to Kenan Thompson. We pretended like we were using his brush and there was a bottle of liquor and so we pretended like we were drinking his liquor. And then we needed a capper, so we decided that the best way to cap that off was to pretend like I was sticking a bottle of liquor up my butt.

As I noted before, the two were up to shenanigans. There’s a part two to the story, however. Apparently, Forte and Schaal actually went a step further and sent the photos to Kenan, only to have him never respond.

Then, we sent them off to Kenan—we texted them to him—and he did not respond. It was kind of a bummer, because I wanted a reaction out of that. I saw him two months later and I said, ‘Did you ever get those pictures.’ And he said ‘What Pictures.” And he said he had changed his phone number. So, some person out there has a picture of me sticking a bottle of liquor up my butt.

I really, really hope he ended up sending those photos to someone who would appreciate them. The good news? Forte still had the photos he took with Schaal on his phone. Here’s the photo that spawned the epic story.


With all of the SNL set stories running around after the SNL 40 special, Forte’s amusing tale about another day on set is certainly timely. We just need to hope he brings the same sort of goofy humor to The Last Man On Earth, which hits the schedule on March 1. You can check out more from the Will Forte interview, below.

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