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Liam Cunningham plays Ser Davos on HBO’s Game of Thrones, and if you know anything about the character, you should know he sports a huge, thick beard on the series. It’s a beard the actor happily gets rid of as soon as filming finishes each year. Unfortunately, not everyone has gotten the memo. In fact, one girl saw the actor sans his beard after the filming of Season 5 and automatically assumed it was a clue regarding the upcoming episodes of the series. Here’s the full, amusing story:
When the season ends, the first thing I do is shave the beard off. I was around a friend of mine’s house and her sister came in, and when she opened the door she went, ‘Oh my God, you’re dead! You’re dead, you’re dead!’ And I went, ‘What do you mean I’m dead? I’m not dead!’ She went, ‘You have no beard! You took the beard off, you must be dead! Oh God! I’m telling all my friends you’re dead.’ I went, ‘I just shaved the beard off, I just finished.’ She wouldn’t believe me.

I suppose we can’t really blame the poor lady. Liam Cunningham’s comments to EW about the lady looking for clues mirrors a lot of actual breadcrumbs actors and TV shows have thrown out over the years. Whether we’re talking about Kit Harington’s post-Game of Thrones haircut or Steven Yeun’s name briefly missing from the opening credits of The Walking Dead, shows have gotten better about teasing events and hiding big information. This leads to fans engaging with shows and potential plot spoilers in new and unique--and sometimes wrong--ways.

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It also apparently means that actors have to deal with people freaking out, even when there is a reasonable explanation for a change, such as Liam Cunningham’s big beard change. Of all of the behind-the-scenes stories we’ve gotten related to Game of Thrones, this one may be the strangest. Plus, Liam Cunningham went on to say that no amount of conversation could convince the poor girl he hadn’t been killed off of the show.
There was no amount of convincing this girl that I was possibly still alive.

Still, when you are on a show like Game of Thrones, your fate is always up in the air, so it’s not a huge stretch that a fan might misconstrue what a shaved beard meant. Luckily, it looks like Ser Davos will still be alive and kicking well into Season 6. New episodes of Game of Thrones will hit the schedule on Sunday, April 24 at 9 p.m. ET. In the meantime, you can check out what we know about the upcoming episodes, here.

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