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Dennis Hof and his brothels have gained notoriety over the years, thanks in large part to the HBO reality show Cathouse, as well as its proximity to Las Vegas and the unfortunate incident with Lamar Odom. Now, however, it seems that one of them, the BunnyRanch, is looking to gain notoriety in a very different way. This week BunnyRanch owner Dennis Hof decided he is going to create a different sort of environment in the brothel, one that caters directly to Game of Thrones fans. I bet HBO is pleased as punch to hear this...

Part of having a successful business is knowing your audience, and apparently, a lot of people who frequent brothels are also fans of Game of Thrones. In fact, Hof even revealed in a release to Uproxx that Sunday nights already include an hour of Game of Thrones watching before the bedroom antics commence. Now, the new experience will allow clients to literally fulfill whatever Game of Thrones fantasies they wish in a role-playing environment.
Every Sunday, I invite the girls to my house for a Game Of Thrones watching party, and the storylines often end up carrying over into our bedroom activities. We enjoy having our own afterparty, and I want to share that experience with the clients of my brothels who also happen to be fans of the show.

Hopefully, this is all within reason, as I’d never wish that actual Sansa and Ramsey sequence from Season 5 on anyone. However, there are plenty of consensual sex scenes on Game of Thrones that could easily fulfill any person’s wishes and desires. Plus, even if you are just wanting to relive the fantasy of Dany waking up, alive, with her dragons or Cersei’s infamous walk, I’m assuming the BunnyRanch would oblige. As far as publicity is concerned, this isn’t the worst idea I’ve ever heard, either.


Plus, if it’s profitable, who knows where else these sorts of pop culture brothel experiences could go. Want to pretend to fool around during the zombie apocalypse? “The Walking BunnyRanch” has you covered. Want to pretend you are in a sitcom filled with science and comic book jokes? I don’t even think you’d really need to change the name, there. “The Big Bang Theory Night” suffices quite nicely. If I keep these up, we could be here all day.

Game of Thrones has plenty of nudity on its own. If you'd like to check out some of the big nude moments, you can do so. Or just catch new episodes of Game of Thrones on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET. If all this nudity isn't what you're looking for, you can check out what is coming up on the popular show, here.

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