Since hearing that MTV was taking a chance on yet another remake of a popular young adult-focused British series, I took a look at The Inbetweeners, which is available streaming on Netflix. In addition to finding it to be pretty hilarious in a goofy guy-humor sort of way, I wondered how MTV's version would differ from the original, and whether the series would be worthy of the original on which it's based.

I don't expect the average life of a socially-lacking British teen is exactly the same as a similarly ranked American teen, but based on what I have seen of The Inbetweeners, there are two desires kids seem to have in common on both sides of the pond; sex and alcohol. There's a sort of American Pie vibe in the U.K.'s Inbetweeners, so I don't see why an American adaptation of the series wouldn't work. Whether or not it proves to be as funny and charming as the original remains to be seen. Based on the trailer, the jury's still out, but The Inbetweeners does look like it could cater to the audience for MTV's Awkward, which is also a humorous, drama-filled take on the lives of a bunch of kids of varying social statuses in high school.

I've only seen part of Series 1 of the U.K.'s Inbetweeners, but a couple of scenes in the above trailer looked very familiar, including the car door, the drunk kids sitting in the living room, and the spray painting of the driveway. The latter has me wondering if there's a nasty puke scene in the cards for one character (and another character's poor little brother). Either way, the show could work. We'll have to wait and see how the show looks when it premieres next month (Monday, August 20 at 10:30/9:30c) on MTV.

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