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Investigation Discovery is bringing back Deadly Affairs for another round. Season 1 of the series premiered to 3.5 million viewers on the network and continued to do well during primetime, and, with the second highest premiere ratings for the network, ever, it’s really no surprise ID would be the series back for another set of episodes.

For the most part, when an audience throws on Investigation Discovery, they know they are getting some sort of tale of getting away with murder—or attempting to. Normally, it’s only the subject matter that changes, but Deadly Affairs offers audiences another bonus: veteran soap opera queen, Susan Lucci. Her hosting role on the show is fitting, as the murderous accounts are often of a steamy and soapy nature. According to TV By The Numbers, Lucci is signed on to tell more ‘scandalous’ tales in Season 2. The actress seemed to be in a bad place when ABC cancelled her long-term gig, All My Children, and it’s nice that she has found a niche, elsewhere.

While Deadly Affairs launched as a fall series, fans won’t have to wait quite as long for a second set of episodes. The show will continue to air during primetime, but Season 2 will be launched as a summer anchor series. While there’s no official premiere date, yet, fans will be able to catch episodes in the summer of 2013. Until then, I’m sure ID will be rerunning Deadly Affairs fairly often.
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