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The CW viewers will be getting even more Jason Dohring in the near future. The former Veronica Mars, star has been making appearances in the network’s new drama Ringer, and coming soon, he’ll be playing a guest role on Supernatural.?

TV Line posted the story, stating that Dohring will play God of Time, Chronos in Episode 12 of the current season of Supernatural. The episode is set to air mid-January. As TV Line points out, the Greek god Chronos is normally depicted as a bearded old man. They’re probably right to theorize that Supernatural will go with something a bit different with Dohring in the role.

Dohring is already semi-situated on The CW, playing the role of a friendly teacher that Juliet appears to be crushing on in Ringer. I’m an episode behind, so that situation may have changed as of this week. Meanwhile, Moonlight fanatics may recall Dohring as the fanged Josef in the short-lived vampire series. But it’s more likely that he’ll be recognized as the smirky, dreamy, often-troubled Logan Echolls from Veronica Mars. The CW may have cancelled that series but they can’t cancel Jason Dohring’s awesomeness and charm. (LoVe 4ever.)