NBC’s comedy The Family Guide may have found its new leading lady. After Parker Posey’s untimely exit, the network is currently in talks with Jenna Elfman to sign on for the mom role, which is a little bit like the role Elfman portrayed in 1600 Penn last season, although in that case, she also happened to play the First Lady of the United States.

The Family Guide follows Henry (Eli Baker), a young man who gets along well with his blind father (J.K. Simmons) and has a bemused tolerance for his mother, who was portrayed by Posey in the pilot and may be played by Elfman in the new fall episodes. Henry’s parents are going through a divorce and his mother has begun to behave like an adolescent; however, despite these setbacks, the family is beginning to grow closer as a whole. In addition to Baker and Simmons, Oz’s Harold Perrineau is signed on to the series.

The pilot had a successful enough premise and cast that NBC opted to move forward to series. However, only a day after the pick-up, Posey quit the project, with sources citing “a bad experience” during shooting as her reason for leaving. TV Line first reported the news that Elfman is in talks to take over the role, and if the actress does follow through and officially signs on, she should be a great fit for the comedy. Elfman was the best part of 1600 Penn, and despite that show’s slightly wild premise it doesn’t seem like a stretch to believe she would be a good fit for The Family Guide, as well. It's no surprise that NBC would have confidence in the actress, and we will let you know if Elfman eventually joins the cast.

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