Jennifer Lopez is probably making more headlines for her celebrity status than anything else in recent years. The dancer/singer/actor has also developed a strong presence on television, however, having served as one of the judges on American Idol for the last couple of seasons. It appears she's looking to branch out on the small screen by developing a scripted series for ABC Family.

Deadline reported the news today, stating that Lopez is developing a drama for ABC Family, which will center on a lesbian couple who are already parents to a number of children (one biological and a set of adopted twins) when a wayward teen girl moves in with them. While it doesn't sound like Lopez will play a major role on the potential series, Deadline says she plans to guest star, in addition to executive producing. Peter Paige and Brad Bredeweg are credited as the creators and writers of the series, and they'll also be executive producing. The drama doesn't have a title yet, but word is, it's being fast tracked at ABC Family, so we may hear more details on this as the project develops.

Family focused shows prominently featuring same-sex couples seem to be on the rise these days. In addition to Modern Family on ABC, NBC has The New Normal set to premiere this fall. That comedy focuses on two gay men who enlist the help of a woman to serve as a surrogate for their child. With the family element mentioned in the description, Lopez' ABC Family project sounds like it could be a good fit for the cable network, especially when factoring the involvement of the teen, which may appeal to the channel's frequently targeted younger audience.

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