2. Quality Of Characters
Like plenty of Syfy’s other programs (Eureka comes to mind), the characters are amusing and the show is often charming. The main team in the series is made up of five characters. There’s Artie, who seems to be the most knowledgeable about the artifacts and who also seems like the head honcho. Then, there’s Pete and Myka, who have skills that complement one another and who seem to have worked together for a very long time. Finally, there’s a secondary team of youngsters. During Monday’s episode, Steve and Claudia get into some shenanigans at the Warehouse while the rest of the crew is out.

Honestly, these characters aren’t going to entrance you with their awesomeness or excite you with their uniqueness. They are all extremely watchable and mostly likeable, except for Pete when he makes a few bad Comic Con jokes. Add to this familiarity a few random abilities, like having a kick-ass memory or being able to tell when someone is lying and the characters in Warehouse 13 are quirky enough to keep fans returning for more.

3. Likelihood Of Staying On Air
There is good news and bad news on this front. Warehouse 13 is in the latter half of Season 4, which means there are a few more episodes hitting cable this summer. Additionally, Syfy has already announced the show will be returning for Season 5. This may make it seem like a perfectly safe time to sign on for the show, but it’s not that simple.

When Syfy renewed its original series for a fifth season, it also effectively cancelled the series. The final season will be far shorter than the 20 episodes the show received in Season 4 and less even than the dozen or so the show nabbed for season orders prior to this year. Season 5 will be a shortened season and will only offer fans six episodes. While that’s sad, Syfy is pretty good about re-running shows, so if you give this one a shot, there will be plenty of older episodes to marathon through.

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