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Jillian Michaels Will Return To The Biggest Loser In Season 14

Jillian Michaels is returning to NBC’s The Biggest Loser. The popular TV mentor and fitness instructor left two years ago to have children with her partner Heidi Rhoades. Two little girls and one daytime TV gig later, she’s decided to return as a trainer, partially because the upcoming 14th season of the show plans to address childhood obesity, an issue Michaels is extremely passionate about.

Season 14 of the show will feature three teenagers willing to put their bodies through a lot of work to take off the weight. Because teen egos can be a lot more fragile than adults, the onus will be put on helping the kids to get “healthier” and not simply to drop weight. In an interview with NBC’s Today this morning, Michaels spoke out about what her role in the upcoming process will entail.

"For example, we won't be saying things to kids like, 'How much weight did you lose?' It's about getting them healthy, using words like 'healthy.' We won't be getting them on a scale; it's about getting them on a softball team--things like that. We're very cognizant of how touchy it is, how controversial it is. And yet, of course, that's right where I want to be, right in the sweet spot, right in the frying pan. I couldn't miss an opportunity to be part of it."

Michaels’ return to the hit midseason series follows Anna Kournikova’s departure just before shooting began on Season 13 last year. It was sort of weird for the series to not have a female trainer last year, and assuming long-term trainer Bob Harper is returning, the two’s reunion on stage should be pretty fun.

The Biggest Loser will return with its all-new teen concept in January on NBC.