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With Jimmy Fallon’s debut on The Tonight Show mere weeks away, it’s no surprise that NBC has begun unveiling a series of promos in anticipation of the big switch from late late night to regular late night. And true to the jovial funny man’s form, they're all pretty charming — heck, one of them’s even downright adorable.

First up is a Saturday Night Fever inspired bit, featuring Fallon as he does his best awkward-Travolta-strut down the streets of New York, encouraging everyone that “staying awake” is the new “staying alive.” This, of course, is all in celebration of The Tonight Show’s move back to New York — the first time since 1972 that the long-held Los Angeles institution will return to the place where it all began way back in 1954.

Things only proceed to get cuter from there. In a second promo released during the Golden Globes on Sunday, Fallon’s preparation for the role — dating way, way back to his childhood — is highlighted, including a tiny child audience, the declaration that the president is a “poopyhead,” and there’s even a tiny kid version of The Roots. True to Fallon form, the whole thing just sort of makes you saw “aww shucks” while you kick up a little dust with your foot. It’s as if the man has no idea how to function outside of being incredibly charming and endearing.

The goofs end there but they're not the only promotional materials the peacock’s been sending out into the airwaves to celebrate the new, Saturday Night Live-ified era of late night television. The network previously released a “look back” clip in addition to a glitzy and seemingly requisite “New York, New York” :15-second spot. Only time will tell if the other new addition to the late night family — Seth Meyers’ takeover of Late Night — will also get as much attention and promotional treatment.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon premieres on February 17th, and Late Night with Seth Meyers premieres on February 24th, both on NBC.

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