There are certain people you always want to see in a room together but you never expect to. Jimmy Fallon, Andy Samberg, and Adam Sandler fit that bill, at least for those of us who have always appreciated their work on SNL. All three Saturday Night Live vets were together last night on the special Super Bowl Game Night episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Impressions were inevitable.

Those who have watched Saturday Night Live fairly regularly over the last couple of decades might know where I’m coming from when I share my giddiness in seeing all three comedians in the same room together. Maybe it’s because they all played similar types of characters during their seasons of Saturday Night Live. While I wouldn’t say that Fallon was a Sandler-copy-cat, nor is Samberg trying "be" Fallon or Sandler, there’s a similarity to their humor and in how they’re “used” on SNL (oftentimes playing the young guy in sketches). And, they all combine comedy and music, so there's that common thread. If anything, I like to think that Fallon and Samberg were inspired by Sandler, though both went on to create their own identity on the long-running NBC sketch comedy series.

They’re also hilarious, so that's another similarity, and they all went on to do bigger and better things post-SNL. That may be speaking prematurely for Andy Samberg, the youngest of the trio, but his career certainly looks promising.

Last night, Sandler and Samberg were guests on Late Night, and the issue of their similarities or the nods to the loose connection they have with one another was addressed in the interview. As someone who loves impressions, the high point is watching Samberg impersonate Fallon right to his face, after which Fallon impersonates Sandler. And then Sandler impersonates both of them with a joke that wins the battle.

Here’s Part 1...

Here’s Part 2 of the interview, in which Sandler and Samberg talk about the movie they’re doing together (That’s My Boy)...

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon airs weeknights at 12:35/11:35c on NBC.

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