Jimmy Kimmel's YouTube Challenges have made for some pretty great television (and viral video). In the past, he's had parents pranking their kids with bad Christmas presents and chewed up food. But the tables were turned in honor of Father's Day when he challenged kids to spray their dads with the hose. Jimmy Kimmel Live put together a best-of video with the results.

I'm sure most of us can picture how our own dad would react to being sprayed with the hose. Some would get angry, others would laugh, and others might immediately set out for payback. I suppose it all depends on the dad. The video below gives us a variety of reactions as kids take Jimmy's challenge to heart and give their father's the hose.

Maybe not the absolute funniest of the YouTube challenges (my favorite is still the one where people turned off the TV during the Super Bowl), but it's good for a laugh. And the special guest star at the end (Jimmy Kimmel himself) was especially great. He was due to become a victim of this gag sooner or later.

Jimmy Kimmel Live airs weeknights at 12/11c on ABC.

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