John Hodgman Set To Guest Star On NBC's Community

With the triumphant return of Community just around the corner, spoilers have been popping up to tide us over. Yesterday, TV Blend wrote about a well-known character dying on an upcoming Community episode. Now, creator Dan Harmon has added his “dream” guest star to the midseason cast.

Said “dream” guest star, is The Daily Show’s John Hodgman, an actor and writer and jack of all trades. Hodgman has signed on to guest star in an episode near the end of Community’s third season. According to THR, there is currently no news on what kind of character The Daily Show writer and occasional segment presenter will be playing because Dan Harmon wants to ensure his appearance is a big surprise. Suffice to say, the episode should be awesome. Due to several Apple commercials, a stint on Battlestar Galactica, and several movie roles, including The Invention of Lying, Hodgman definitely has enough experience to bring a few laughs to the table.

Speaking of Apple commercials, Community’s Gillian Jacobs confided to The Hollywood Reporter that she had once shot an “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” commercial with Hodgman. Though the commercial never aired, it seems like the two should have a little onscreen report. Report or no, Hodgman’s appearance is just one more reason to get excited for new episodes of Community, though at this point, I highly doubt fans need an excuse to tune in. Community enthusiasts might not outnumber NCIS viewers, but they’ve always been among the most obsessive on television. There’s no reason to think the recent hiatus will change that.