Justin Kirk Signed On For Season 8 Of Weeds

Following the news that Justin Kirk was signed on to star in an NBC pilot, those of us who know and adore him for his performance as the lovable (occasionally irresponsible) Andy in Weeds were understandably concerned that he might be on his way out of the Showtime drama. Based on the latest news, the actor may not be leaving Weeds anytime soon. At the very least, he’s signed on to return for Season 8.

According to Deadline, Justin Kirk has closed a deal for Season 8 of Weeds. The actor, who plays the drug-dealing lead character Nancy Botwin’s brother-in-law Andy on the series, joins Mary-Louise Parker, who was already signed on to return to the show. There appears to be a catch though. As previously mentioned, ?Justin Kirk is set to star in an NBC pilot called Animal Kingdom. So what happens if the pilot gets a series order? According to Deadline, the new project (as well as Kevin Nealon’s Isabel pilot for NBC) take first position to Weeds, which, unless I’m misinterpreting their phrasing, means if Animal Kingdom goes to series, it would be priority over Weeds for Kirk.

That’s thinking just a little bit ahead at this point, but not that much. And as I understand it, First Position in pilot language generally means priority, not necessarily exclusivity. So, it’s entirely possible he could do one more season of Weeds and also do Animal Kingdom, providing there isn’t an overlap in the production schedules.

Kelly West
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