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If You Like Yellowstone Here Are 10 Other Movies And TV Shows To Watch

Kevin Costner in Yellowstone

The Paramount original Yellowstone is undoubtedly one of the most popular shows you can currently watch on television. But after the explosive and potentially game-changing Season 3 finale, fans of the hit neo-western are going to have to wait a good bit before they learn the answers to all those questions. In the mean time, why not check out different options that either hit some of the same notes as Yellowstone or have a similar feel? Here are 10 shows and movies that fit that mold.

The Roy family in Succession

Succession - HBO Max

The HBO drama series Succession centers around the personal and professional battles of the ultra-wealthy and dysfunctional Roy family as the patriarch, Logan Roy (Brian Cox) struggles with the decision to break up his large media empire, Waystar Royco, and divide it among his children.

The setup of the family that's trying to work through their differences in a struggle to take control of the family business should be something that fans of Yellowstone will find familiar, but don't come in expecting horses and wide-open vistas in the American West, as the Golden Globe-winning Succession is set in the jungle of New York City and its surrounding affluent suburbs. Let's just hope they get back to shooting for Season 3 before too long.

Stream Succession on HBO Max here (opens in new tab).

Taylor Kitsch in Waco

Waco - Netflix

Before Yellowstone, the Paramount Network's first foray into original content was the limited series Waco, which took a detailed look at David Koresh's (Taylor Kitsch) Branch Davidian compound and the 1993 siege by the United States government that resulted in the deaths of 82 members of the religious sect and four federal agents.

The show can be a little much at times, especially the "I Still Believe" concert in the middle of the 51-day conflict, but the stellar cast and superb writing team provide for some truly haunting and unsettling moments. In addition to showing multiple sides of the story in order to show the big picture, the 2018 series is similar to Yellowstone in the sense that it causes the viewer to think about the battle between private citizens and government bodies that don't accept their way of life.

Stream Waco on Netflix here (opens in new tab).

Ian McShane in Deadwood

Deadwood - HBO Max

Set in a small town that serves as one of the last truly free places in the American West in the late 19th Century, the HBO series (and 2019 followup movie) Deadwood explores the prospectors, outlaws, and lawmen who are trying to make a life for themselves and possibly even escape their troubled pasts.

Filled with beautiful scenery and less than idyllic characters with varying levels of civility, the iconic series is more of a character study than anything else, which is a good option for fans of Yellowstone. Sure, it has more cussing, graphic violence, and questionable subject matter than the Paramount series, but it does have a firm grasp on what makes people do the things they do in order to continue living their lives they way they see fit.

Stream Deadwood on HBO Max here (opens in new tab).

Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves

Dances With Wolves - Starz

Kevin Costner's 1990 epic Dances with Wolves follows a soldier who develops a strong bond with a group of Lakota Indians in the American West during the middle of the Civil War. Costner's Lieutenant Dunbar makes a free and peaceful life for himself as he becomes a member of the tribe, but his fortune changes when the United States Army marches into the territory with plans to make the land their own.

The movie is a must-watch for anyone who remotely likes Yellowstone and it's not just because Costner rides horses and shoots guns but instead because both take an in-depth look at what it means to be free and what someone will do to protect land that holds more than just monetary value.

Stream Dances With Wolves on Starz here (opens in new tab).

Charlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman in Sons of Anarchy

Sons Of Anarchy - Hulu

The FX neo-western Sons of Anarchy follows the SAMCRO biker gang as its members navigate life as modern-day outlaws in the small town of Charming, California. Through battles with rival biker gangs, local law enforcement, and more times than not, themselves, the club lives and learns but sometimes the lessons come far too late.

Fans of the outlaw element of Yellowstone will be right at home with Sons of Anarchy (if they're not already) and will appreciate the groundwork Kurt Sutter's landmark crime drama laid for shows that followed. Also, Yellowstone co-creator Taylor Sheridan stars as Deputy Chief David Hale in the show's first three seasons.

Stream Sons of Anarchy on Hulu here (opens in new tab).

Josh Brolin in No Country For Old Men

No Country For Old Men - Starz

There is no better example of modern-day western available to stream right now than The Coen Brothers' 2007 classic No Country For Old Men. Based on Cormac McCarthy's 2005 novel of the same name, the movie follows the unfortunate Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) who stumbles across a drug deal gone bad in the Texas desert where he locates a suitcase full of money. What follows is an unnerving cat-and-mouse chase with the ice-cold hitman Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem).

And much like Yellowstone, the Academy Award-winning movie is a mood piece above everything else and makes you feel like you are right behind the action to the point where you can taste the gun smoke in the air.

Stream No Country For Old Men on Starz here (opens in new tab).

Timothy Olyphant in Justified

Justified - Hulu

When Deputy U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) is reassigned to the field office in Lexington, Kentucky, he is just a stone's throw from his old stomping grounds as a youth. Givens' familiarity with the area, and its colorful and less-than-peaceful inhabitants, proves to be both a blessing and curse for the quick-firing lawman. To say that Timothy Olyphant gives a gritty performance in the FX show based off the Elmore Leonard line of books would be cutting the actor, and character, short.

Much like in Yellowstone, this crime thriller is full of characters who don't subscribe to the concept of absolute good and evil and instead live in that grey in-between where anything and everything can happen.

Stream Justified on Hulu here (opens in new tab).

There Will Be Blood - Netflix

Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood centers around a cut-throat and unstable oil tycoon after he locates an ocean of oil underneath land belonging to a poor family led by a hapless father and religious zealot son. What follows is Daniel Plainview's (Daniel Day-Lewis) years-long crusade to become the richest man not in the county but in the state of California, no matter what or who gets in his way.

Although Daniel Plainview is a far cry from the somewhat decent John Dutton (Kevin Costner) in Yellowstone, he buys into the same mindset that it is up to him to protect everything he has from others, whether they be those who have a right to the land, businesses that want to take his land, and those who try to get in his way.

Stream There Will Be Blood on Netflix here (opens in new tab).

Ben Robson and Jake Weary in Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom - Amazon

The TNT series Animal Kingdom centers around 17-year-old Joshua Cody (Finn Cole) as he tries to find a place in his extended family members who operate a small criminal operation out of their Southern California beach town. Joshua is thrown into a world he never knew before, one of crime, drugs, and excess beyond his imagination.

Despite the life of crime that the Cody family leads throughout the series, there is a lot of love (though not always traditional) shared between the family members as they try to protect those that they love and their interests from the prying eyes of the outside world, which sounds a lot like the Dutton family in Yellowstone. Also, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a copy of the original Animal Kingdom movie on which the series is based. It's not streaming, but it's worth it.

Stream Animal Kingdom on Amazon here (opens in new tab).

Paul Giamatti in Billions

Billions - Showtime

And then there is the Showtime original series Billions which takes an in-depth look at the world of finance and white-collar crimes that are often committed by those at the top of large hedge funds and other operations on Wall Street. Anchored by two powerful leads, Paul Giamatti as U.S. Attorney Charles Rhoades and hedge fund manager Robert Axelrod, portrayed by Damian Lewis, the show doesn't pull any punches in its examination of the ultra-wealthy and their methods of handling business.

Fans of the light espionage and back-channel deals of Yellowstone will certainly love Billions, but only if they don't mind trading horses and open ranges in for private cars and congested New York City streets. It might be an adjustment, but both shows know how to hold your attention and bring a lot of drama.

Stream Billions on Showtime here.

This is just scratching the surface of shows and movies that fans of Yellowstone will enjoy. In addition to all of those, there are quite a few great movies written by the show's co-creator and writer Taylor Sheridan, including Hell or High Water, Sicario, and Wind River. None of those are streaming currently, but they are more than worth seeking out. They each have great, moving stories and that explosive action that makes Yellowstone such a force to be reckoned with.

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