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It’s the time of year when we expect plenty of cozy and heartwarming holiday-related commercials. However, the release of a shelved Folgers commercial featuring none other than KISS guitarist and singer Paul Stanley is a bit more unexpected. Check it out, below.

The commercial features Paul Stanley without his usual KISS Starchild getup, wandering around a circus tent while the performers are warming up. It wouldn’t be a morning curtain call without the warm smell of coffee, apparently, and both the trapeze artist and Stanley are drinking coffee from mugs as Stanley serenades us with a rendition of the company’s most famous tagline, “The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup.”

The commercial was created a lot more recently than you would guess. Back in 2000, Folgers signed on the KISS singer to sing the diddy for the commercial, but he reportedly was far less recognizable and popular without his signature makeup. I guess I get it. It’s tough to see someone go from this:


To a makeup-less look and a cute peasant blouse.


After the focus group totally failed to recognize Paul Stanley and was creeped out by the commercials, Folgers banned the ad from seeing the light of day--at least until it was leaked this week. Most of us wouldn’t necessarily associate the band KISS with coffee, but that would be foolish. A decade after Stanley peddled coffee in this unaired Folgers commercial, the man and his bandmates signed on for KISS coffeehouse, a business venture that came together via KISS founders Gene Simmons and—you guessed it—Paul Stanley. The Myrtle Beach location closed last year.

Unfortunately, you shouldn’t expect to see this wacky Folgers commercial on the air anytime soon. However, as I noted prior, there are plenty of great commercials airing this holiday season, and the one for RadioShack is even pretty musical, although it stars Weird Al Yankovich, not Paul Stanley. Be sure to check out some more 2014 holiday commercials, here.

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