It appears the Keith Olbermann rollercoaster may have finally leveled off. After being suspended for making campaign contributions, then reinstated a few days later and then abruptly resigning last month in the wake of Comcast's takeover of NBC, it seems the liberal news anchor has found a new home on the Al Gore owned Current TV. The upstart, five year old network has languished in the ratings, but with Olbermann's signing shortly before the channel's upfront presentations, it may suddenly find itself a real player.

According to The New York Times, handlers for the newsman have scheduled a press conference for Tuesday, though up to this point no one in Olbermann's camp nor the network themselves have officially confirmed the move. In a lot of ways, it makes complete sense. Over at Current, Olbermann not only won't have to worry about openly endorsing liberal positions, he may even be expected to do as much. Plus, if these sources are correct, his contract will include equity in the company itself.

The real question remains whether Olbermann's one million plus devoted nightly viewers will follow him further up on the dial. Current is only available in about 75% of the homes MSNBC is, and some of those devotees may need to upgrade cable packages to have access.

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