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It’s only been a few weeks since Live! opted to cut Michael Strahan out of the series early in order to try out a slew of new hosts. A few people have popped up in the chair opposite Kelly Ripa in the time since, but news this week indicates that Live! with Kelly may now be looking at Rob Lowe as a candidate for taking over the gig.

Yes, Rob Lowe, the man we’ve come to know and love from comedies like Parks and Recreation and The Grinder currently has a Grinder-sized hole in his work schedule. Thus, it looks like stepping into a daytime talk show role might be a good next step for him. The actor actually auditioned for the gig back when Regis Philbin was being replaced, but he told ET that now would be a much better time to take on that sort of role.
My kids are out of the house, they weren't then. Who knows... But listen, man, I don't want to go up against Anderson Cooper.

The really amusing thing about this potential casting is that Rob Lowe’s Grinder co-star Fred Savage recently popped up on Live! with Kelly to fulfill essentially the same role. People also seemed to really love the actor and director in the role, so there’s that. It would be pretty hilarious if the two actors continued the competitive streak their characters had on The Grinder. Let’s keep this going for a couple of weeks, people.

rob lowe

It’s not as if Lowe and Savage are the only names that have been bandied about as potential replacements for Michael Strahan on Live. We’ve also heard inklings that Andy Cohen, Mario Lopez or Anderson Cooper could also take on the gig. And Ryan Seacrest is even set to make an appearance next month. (That’s not even counting the women who have tried to throw their hats in the ring.) Each of these men has the skill set for a gig like Live!, so it’s really anybody’s game at this point. However, it’s really interesting that Rob Lowe’s name is being bandied about when it previously didn’t seem to be a possibility, at all.

It’s likely we’ll find out who is officially taking over sooner rather than later. Kelly Ripa has previously stated the show opted to drop Michael Strahan early so that they could try out a whole slew of different hosts. Now that the new guest host lineup is in full swing, I’m sure the show will find an ideal candidate quickly. Then, it’s just about lining up a deal.

While we wait to find out who the new Live! host will be, you can check out what TV has in store for us this summer in our summer TV premiere schedule.

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