After 10 Emmy nominations, it seems laughable The Kennedy’s was nearly wiped off the TV radar. In reality, the series was only an inch away from a precipice that promised a little spoken of, direct-to-DVD release. A&E and its sister History Channel first bailed, and then the series failed to find a secondary home on subscription cable. ReelzChannel eventually saved the series from oblivion, and its looking like the move might have paid off handsomely.

The Kennedy’s nominations include one for outstanding miniseries, as well as several more for acting performances. Greg Kinnear’s portrayal of John F. Kennedy and Barry Pepper’s Bob Kennedy are up for best lead actor in a miniseries; and Tom Wilkinson’s Joe Kennedy is up for supporting actor. Actress Katie Holmes’ portrayal of Jackie Kennedy was unfortunately snubbed, but otherwise, the Emmy nominations have more than vindicated the worthwhile programming. Michael Prupas, the head of Muse Productions, the company partially responsible for The Kennedys had to say about the recent nods:

“I opened up my computer on my desk this morning and I nearly fell off my chair. Honestly, I had prepared myself psychologically for not getting any nominations. But getting ten nominations is way beyond my expectations.”

According to THR, after the acting and best miniseries nominations, The Kennedy’s has also earned attention for art direction, cinematography, sound mixing, main title theme music, and hair and makeup. The hair and makeup call seems like a shoe-in for a period piece, especially for a period piece involving Jackie Kennedy's complicated hairdo, but the rest of the nominations seem reliably astute. Either way, the press has certainly paved the way for a memorable Emmy performance. The jury’s just out on whether the outcome will be remembered for losses or wins.

Hop on over and check out the list of Emmy nominees.

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