Spoilers for The Walking Dead are below.

On The Walking Dead’s penultimate Season 6 episode “East,” Rick and Morgan ran into a mystery survivor while out on the road trying to track Carol down. Though the episode never explained who he was, comic fans were probably quick to notice that the guy’s self-made armor, along with the fact that he was trying to track down his horse, means that he is almost definitely a member of The Kingdom, another community of survivors first introduced in the comic source material.

There’s a good chance we’ll see that guy again and actually hear something about The Kingdom in Sunday night’s Season 6 finale, so let’s head into that situation as informed as we can be. And don’t worry, we’re just going over most of the basics here, so no major events from the comics’ future will be revealed, just in case the TV show uses this location for more direct narrative adaptations.

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It’s The Second Biggest Community So Far
Remember when Rick & Co. were all split up and heading to Terminus? That feels like forever ago, now that the show has brought in the communities of Alexandria and the Hilltop Colony. But this world is nowhere near finished expanding, and The Kingdom is the next important location viewers will get introduced to in live-action. There are a ton of survivors within this settlement, many of whom can be seen donning homemade armor and riding horses. The Kingdom is located on the grounds of a high school with its outer perimeter marked by a wall of school buses and sheets of metal. Most citizens sleep outside in tents in the warmer months, and inside the school building when winter hits. While relatively little of the Walking Dead’s story has taken place within The Kingdom, there’s something striking about seeing such a familiar location reinforced for the post-apocalypse, and I hope the TV show utilizes that area more.

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