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With X Factor fans still reeling from the axing this week of half of the cast, at least there’s one thing that won’t be changing for the second season. L.A. Reid has signed a contract to return to the talent show on the heels of the announcement that the show is bidding adieu to Paula Abdul, Nicole Sherzinger, and Steve Jones.

The Hollywood Reporter has the report that Reid is on board to continue with the series. While one cast member after the next bit the dust this past week. First to walk the plank was host Steve Jones, and hot on his heels came out the back door Nicole Sherzinger. And before the dust had even settled, word leaked that Paula Abdul would likely be gone as well.

It seems the pink slips have ceased though, and Reid will be back. His pull-no-punches willingness to express exactly what he thinks has apparently endeared him to Simon Cowell, and audiences really seem to like him as well. Although, Cowell has also expressed his love for Paula, who has always been an audience favorite right back to her Idol days, and her leaving was probably the biggest shock.

But with sources at the show confirming the three on their way out and Reid in to stay, that leaves some holes in the cast. Rumored to be on the list: Beyonce and Mariah Carey. Word is that the Beyonce rumor will stay just that, but Mariah is more likely. The multi-octave diva was scheduled as a guest for season two already, so it might just be that her role will be made a permanent one instead. That still leaves two sets of shoes to fill, but no rumors yet as to who will fill them.

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