Legends Of Tomorrow: How The Lazarus Pit Will Affect White Canary

Sara Lance had a talent for avoiding death during Arrow’s first two seasons, but after being killed in the Season 3 premiere, most fans logically assumed that was the last we would see of her. Well, once again the Grim Reaper has lost its grip on her, as Sara is returning to the land of the living as one of the main players in the Arrow/The Flash spinoff Legends of Tomorrow. As revealed in the trailer, she will be brought back by the League of Assassins' mysterious Lazarus Pit, but this will come at a cost to the former and future Canary.

During an interview with CTV, actress Caity Lotz said that when fans next see Sara, now going by White Canary, she will be facing “repercussions for everything she’s been through,” including how the Lazarus Pit has changed her. Said Lotz:

It’s going to have a toll. Just like Thea went into the Lazarus Pit and you saw how that affected her, and Sara’s dead for a long time. So I feel like there’s going to be a big shift.

The Lazarus Pit was introduced during Arrow Season 3, and like in the comic books, it’s capable of not just healing wounds and extending lifespans, but also resurrecting the dead. After Thea was stabbed by Ra’s al Ghul, Oliver brought her body to Nanda Parbat to be revived in exchange for becoming Ra’s successor (a position now held by Malcolm Merlyn). Other than some memory loss and jumping out of the waters like she was a demon from The Exorcist, Thea seemed barely affected by the Pits’s side effects; though to be fair, she had only been dead for about a day or two. Depending on when Sara was revived - whether it was secretly in Arrow Season 3 or sometime next TV season - much more time will have passed, meaning that the side effects for Sara will be more noticeable.

While Sara’s fighting skills looked just as fresh in the Legends of Tomorrow trailer, she did seem to ooze more of an attitude. If I had to guess, I’d say say this new Sara’s personality will more abrasive and combative, somewhat reminiscent of former Robin Jason Todd, who went through the same ordeal in the New 52 and the animated movie Batman: Under The Red Hood. Since the White Canary in the comics is a different individual, it’s hard to predict what this next stage of Sara’s life (or rather, second life) will be, but at least we can take comfort knowing she’s still one of the good guys. All we know so far is that she is one of the people that’s been recruited by time-traveler Rip Hunter - along with The Atom, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Martin Stein and Hawkgirl - to stop the millennia-old Vandal Savage and his powerful army,

Legends of Tomorrow will premiere on The CW in early 2016.

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