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When you’re an actor whose two biggest roles are a metahuman supervillain and a prison escapee, there’s a good chance that your time on the set will not go completely without injuries. Dominic Purcell knows that all too well, as the Legends of Tomorrow star’s current gig of filming the upcoming Prison Break revival put him in harm’s way when an iron bar fell on his head and smashed his face open. Check out those nasty-lookin’ wounds below.

As explained by Lincoln Burrows himself in his Instagram updates for fans, Dominic Purcell suffered a broken nose and several head lacerations during the on-set accident. Thankfully, that bastard iron bar did relatively minimal damage to him, whereas it might have been a far worse fate for someone built differently from the musclebound actor. I imagine my own head would look like a Looney Tunes character squished into an accordion shape, just sopping wet with viscera. You can’t go wrong with having a Viking heritage in times of need like this, apparently.

Not only was he able to remain upright, only momentarily taking a knee, but it won’t even affect Prison Break’s production schedule. Something tells me it wouldn’t be hard to quickly write in a moment where Lincoln gets smashed in the face with something, so that there wouldn’t be a reason to hide his gnarly boo-boos.

The actor shared another post after things had calmed down.

“100 Stitches in the Head” sounds like a song that should be on the Prison Break soundtrack, not what’s happening to one of its stars while filming. But I guess that’s the price they pay while getting paid. Way to take a lick, Mr. Purcell.

We assume we’ll be seeing him taking plenty of licks over the next year, as Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 will hit The CW this fall with Purcell’s Heat Wave no longer partnered with Captain Cold, with the action shifting to include many more heroes and a dangerous new villain. And then the Prison Break limited series will see Lincoln teaming up with Sarah Wayne Callies’ alive-again Sara for a huge escape plan with other fan favorites from the original series, while it’s discovered that Wentworth Miller’s Michael is also alive again. Maybe. This is The Year Of Purcell.

Sadly, we’ll be waiting a long while to get to see if we can tell which scenes were shot just after the actor’s injury, since Prison Break isn’t going to premiere on Fox until early 2017 as part of the midseason schedule. In the meantime, though, all the summer shows you need to know about are in our TV premiere schedule.