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I’m not certain what is more surprising: the fact Scott Charles Stewart’s Legion made nearly $68 million worldwide on a $26 million budget, or the fact the concept behind the movie is garnering enough interest to spawn a revamped version of the film for television. I suppose my surprise may have something to do with the fact when I saw the film the only other bugger in the theater was a seemingly drunk redhead who kept muttering to himself. As you can see, in my area Legion didn’t really inspire a fan following. Apparently, Stewart thinks there is a much wider audience out there, and he’s shooting to prove it.

Stewart is developing a television series based on 2010’s Legion for Syfy. The original film follows a group of customers and employees at a diner who are joined by a rogue angel, played by Paul Bettany, to battle an army sent by God. There is a whole lot of death and philosophical conversation involved in the film, and I think both could find their place on Syfy.

It seems as if Stewart and Syfy are putting an awful lot of effort into Legion to make it work as a television series. They have kept some of the main creative forces behind the film, including Stewart, as well as producers David Lancaster and Michael Litvak, who will serve as executive producers for the series. According to Deadline, they've also hired writer Vaun Wilmott. He is admittedly green, but he has worked on one of the best television shows on air right now, Sons of Anarchy. I’m guessing there is no likelihood we will see Paul Bettany in the show; however, if the aforementioned guys can take the best parts of the 2010 film and make it work for a wider TV audience, I can see Syfy’s Legion finding a niche.

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