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After a slow start, Fox’s Glee has really picked up steam with new episodes over the past few months, thanks to some killer musical ideas, including an awesome Adele cover. It’s also helped that they’ve brought back dynamic Bieber hair look-alike, Sam (Chord Overstreet). With a newly returned cast member ready to discuss a summer romance and the opportunity to sing about it, where could Glee go but the Grease route?

Spoilers ahead!

Glee officially plans to go Grease on the upcoming January 17 episode. According to Zap2it, the episode, titled “Yes/No,” will finally get into the specifics of Sam and Mercedes’ (Amber Riley) summer hook up. It will highlight multiple artists, including Rihanna, Maroon 5, The Rolling Stones, and of course Grease’s famous song “Summer Nights.” If you are wondering exactly how Grease-oriented the episode is going to go, you can check out some other images from the episode here.

I know photos are not enough when one is really looking to Gleek out. Luckily, the cast’s version of “Summer Nights” has made its way online. It sticks fairly close to the original, but if you are excited for “Yes/No,” it’s still a good listen.

The Grease-themed episode should be a good companion to the epic Michael Jackson Glee episode, set for January 24.