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Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada is headed back to ABC and back to an island. The actor, known for playing an “Other” on Lost, is set to play a role in an upcoming episode of ABC’s deliciously soapy drama Revenge.

Entertainment Weekly posted the news, stating that Sanada, whose recent credits on this side of the world include playing Dogen in Lost, is set to play the part of a Japanese business man in ABC’s Revenge. The description on his character was vague, stating only that he has “mysterious ties to Emily Thorne.” EW also didn’t say if his appearance extends beyond one episode, but they did say we can expect to see him in Episode 9.

While the Lost island held some dangerous mysterious, the smoke-monster among them, Long Island isn’t exactly the safest place to be for the characters on Emily’s list. Is Sanada a friend of Emily’s or a foe? We’ll have to wait and see.

Sanada’s notable film appearances include The Last Samurai, the Japanese film Ring (which inspired The Ring), and Danny Boyle’s Sunshine..