Louie Watch: Season 3, Episode 9 - Looking for Liz; Lilly Changes

Louie gets its mojo back with another half baked idea that works because of its female lead and a brilliant long gag with a perfect pay off.

The title makes us think we are going to find Liz (Parker Posey), but instead we meet her replacement at the bookstore; played by Chloe Sevigny. Sevigny can't quite match Posey's brilliance, but she certainly gives it her all. Sevigny is just as crazy as Liz, yet in her own way that is far more intense and chaotic. Her need to get Louie to meet Liz again is insane and her failures provide some solid laughs. The bizarre ending with Sevigny getting off at the coffee shop was delightfully random, even though I don't know what the hell happened. The story was, again, a bit half baked, but Sevigny delivers an excellent performance that elevates the storyline a couple levels.

Winning the night is an excellent story that utilizes the kids, Jane and Lilly, to perfection by delivering one of the best punch lines of the show’s run. The set up is simple; child gets mad, dad gets frustrated, child runs away, dad freaks out. The added bonus for this set up is Louie's interactions with his non-lost daughter, Jane, whose frustration with her Dad is hilarious. Louie searches the house for Lilly, searches the streets, and gets a bunch of cops up in his apartment to file a missing persons report. Then Lilly walks across the living room with a pair of headphones on her ears; she likes to read in the closet. Jane's indifference to her saying Lilly left, Louie's panic, the cops' frustration and Lilly's sincere apology for her earlier attitude are all just icing on the cake as I kept laughing thinking about Lilly strolling across the screen. C.K. successfully mines the terror of parenthood for a brilliant gag and the fact that I didn't even see it coming makes the accomplishment all the more impressive.

Just when I call C.K. out for possibly losing his Louie mojo, he pulls out another winner this week. 'Lilly Changes' might not be the greatest title for the superb second half of the episode, but the execution was nearly impeccable. I knew Louie still had some winners left in it, but I wish both stories were as well fleshed out as the one with the girls as I think that is when the show is most successful. I love C.K.'s randomness, but whole segments shouldn't feel that way.

Random Ramblings:

-Parker is back?

-Chloe Sevigny?

-I wish we felt that narrative, that it changed the way Louie feels about everything, because we haven't seen that.

-Both Sevigny and Posey play great, crazy book store employees.

-Wow, she is really into finding love.

-That is the saddest carousel ride I have ever seen.

-Louie really likes to flip off his kids.

-Jane is amazing.

-Poor gay neighbors, not getting along.

-That look Louie just gave Jane, for learning that new language, priceless.

-One of the best laughs of the year, brilliant shot, loading it up with all those cops.

-That is a terrifying scenario.