Louis C.K. is going to take his first gander at hosting Saturday Night Live, and he’s prepared to do so, soon. The Louie funny-man will take the stage on NBC’s long-running comedy sketch program on November 3. Unfortunately, he lacks the musical prowess to pull a double gig like Bruno Mars, and will be joined by Fun., who will entertain as the musical guests for the evening.

The announcement was made by NBC during this Saturday’s episode, and kind of marks a new era for the man who has spent the last several years pouring his situational jokes out on FX as new material for the hit comedy Louie. However, just about two weeks ago, the brilliant comedian announced Louie would be going on hiatus until 2014, thus opening up some extra time in Louis C.K.’s busy schedule.

At the time, the comedian said he wanted to invest time in his stand-up career, but I’m not surprised he would take the SNL gig. Not only is the sketch comedy series a totally different kind of comedy than most other opportunities out there, it is also a chance for Louis C.K. to work hard for a whole week, in New York City, with a bunch of other brilliant comedic minds (and a few meh performers). TV Line is reporting this will be the funnyman’s first run at hosting the veteran series, and it couldn’t have come at a better time—for the comedian or for NBC to capitalize on the man’s current popularity.

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