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MLB Analyst Darryl Hamilton Killed In Alleged Murder-Suicide

Darryl Hamilton, an MLB Network analyst who lived in the Houston area, was found dead in his home at 4:45 p.m. on Sunday. The former MLB player and current analyst had been shot more than once near the front entry of the home, in what seemed to be to be a murder-suicide. The body of his partner Monica Jordan was also found dead in another part of the home, of what looked to be a gunshot wound she had inflicted on herself. Hamilton was 50 years of age.

Officers were dispatched to the Houston area home after they received a call regarding a disturbance in the home. By the time they reached the house, they found both the bodies of Hamilton and Jordan, who was 44, already lying in their respective locations. The couples’ child, just over a year old, was found safe and unharmed in the home. In the time since, the Houston Chronicle reports the kid has been turned over to child protective services while all of the testing and police work related to the murder-suicide plays out.

Darryl Hamilton had a long career as an outfielder for Major League Baseball before he became an analyst for the MLB Network. He began his career in the late 1980s playing for the Milwaukee Brewers. He shuffled around in the league for a while, ending his career playing for the New York Mets at the turn of the century, after 13 seasons in the field. He later signed on as an analyst for radio and TV outlets, including the MLB Network, in the years following his major league career. MLB Network spoke out about the tragedy on Monday, noting:

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Hamilton was married a couple of times prior to his relationship with Jordan, having married anchor Shaun Robinson and model Ursaline Steinke; he had two children with the latter.

It’s always tough to hear any famous person has died, especially if they are relatively young, like Hamilton, who was middle-aged and still had a young child to take care of at home. Over the next several weeks, it’s likely that we’ll get more details related to the tragedy that may or may not paint a better picture of what happened and why it happened. Regardless of what details might emerge, a loss of life in a senseless murder-suicide is certainly devastating. Our thoughts go out to Hamilton’s family and friends during this tough time.

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