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MTV or 'Music Television' is continuing to stray from the music part of their name by announcing six new series in development. MTV has clearly decided that, although music is still important to the channel as part of the overall culture, the original programming direction is clearly where the network is headed. In this vein, they just announced more original programming today, putting more scripted and unscripted on deck. Let's take a look at what two new scripted series MTV has put from pilot to series.

Deadline reported that MTV is 'beefing up' on the original programming side of things, first with two new scripted shows called Underemployed and Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous. Underemployed, is an ensemble comedy from the Emmy nominated Craig Wright (Six Feet Under among other things), that follows, as the title suggests, a group of post-grads who are forced into taking jobs for which they are clearly overqualified. This trend is rampant in the real world and therefore like all serious societal issues, ripe with comedic potential. The series stars Jared Kusnitz, Inbar Lavi, Michelle Ang, Sarah Habel, and Latin pop star Diego Boneta.

The second scripted comedy that went from pilot to series at MTV is Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous. The series was co-created by and will star rising young comedian Bo Burnham (known for being the youngest comic to ever have his own Comedy Network special), in the titular role. After graduating high-school, Zach decides that in order to reach his goal of being famous despite having no discernible talents, he has to take matters into his own hands and hire a film crew to follow his every move.

Take a look at some of Burnham's work and see if his style will get you interested in this upcoming series. There is no doubt, he's got talent.

Just getting the put to series orders, there is no word on when these projects expect to hit the MTV schedule.